Celebrating my Birthday Away from Home

Hello everyone,

Since birthday celebrations are a big tradition in my family, a couple of weeks ago I had started to think how this would be my second birthday away from home. I have grown up celebrating my birthday in various ways, from going with my friends to amusement parks, swimming pools, or restaurants to travelling with my family to Albania and Macedonia. I remember receiving various gifts, such as dolls and books. However, what have stuck in my mind are thoughtful and sincere birthday messages and cards. It is in those texts where I am once again reminded how important my family and friends are to me, and how they brighten my life each day more and more.
This school year ended on April 24th, thus, all of my friends would be gone prior to my birthday, May 2nd. I talked to my roommate Katie, whether we should do something together before they all leave. However, even though she showed a bit of interest, we did not end up doing anything. Exhausted from work, class, and homework, on April 23rd, I went to my room. Since Katie, Emma, and I were in the same class, we all walked down the short hill together. By that point Hayley had joined us too. I was a bit confused as to why all of them were coming to my dorm; apparently we were going to yoga a bit later. However, once we opened the dorm’s door, everything looked different in the room. There were many balloons taped in the wall forming a big “P” shape, lots of ice cream in the table, and a chocolate cake. After a few second many people run inside from the balcony, and screamed “Surpriiiise.” Even though, my birthday was not until the following week, my friends had decided to celebrate my birthday. On top of that, they had even collected money towards “Help Poema buy a laptop” fund.

Poema Birthday 3Poema Birthday 1Poema Birthday 2
On May 2nd, I was again surprised, but this time at work. When I came at the Admissions office, it was extremely quiet and none of the admissions counsellors were in their offices. I started to think whether it was a holiday or if I had come to work at the wrong time. However, when I went to the desk where I usually work, all of the Admission team members had put birthday hats on and they all screamed “Surpriiise.” On top of all this, they had all written in a card many birthday wishes for me. I will always mention how thankful I am to be working with such an amazing team, because each day they continue to amaze me by their hard work and cheerfulness.

In the evening I went to a restaurant in Squamish, with Kaltrina, Ligia, Katie, and Warm. We had delicious pizzas, followed by great conversations and never ending laughs. To my surprise, there was live music, which made the atmosphere even more fun and welcoming.
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This was such a great birthday, and I am beyond thankful for everyone that helped me celebrate it. Thank you for all the messages, emails, phone calls, and hugs.


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