Officially Summer

The end of the year up here was crazy. Everyone was buzzing around moving their stuff out of dorms, cleaning, and saying goodbye to friends. Though the end of my year was fairly hectic as well, I did not have to worry about catching a flight home or completely moving out. This is because I am staying at Quest over the summer to work for Admissions! I’ll be in the office with Poema doing any extra work that needs to be done and giving tours to visitors. I’m excited to be in Squamish this summer and to continue my work with Admissions. I will also be blogging every single week about what’s happening on campus or other interesting and noteworthy endeavors! Although it is summer, campus is still populated with students taking May blocks and other summer employees such as myself.

Though some of you may have seen my previous blog posts I wanted to introduce myself again. My name is Daniel Shankman and I’m going into my 4th year here at Quest (scary). Academically I am well suited for a liberal arts school as I find many different subjects interesting and engaging. However, for the past year I’ve been focusing my studies around the question “What is belief?”. In exploring this question I have gotten heavily involved in psychology, neuroscience, and research. I absolutely love the classes I took this year and am looking forward to the classes offered next year. Outside of class I’m involved in a fair number of recreational pursuits as well (like most people here). I love to slack line and actually founded a slack lining club on campus this year. I also love to ski, bike, and play ultimate frisbee.

Slack lining in the woods in my first year at Quest.
Trying some urban skiing after it snowed in Squamish.

I Hope you all have amazing summers and remember to check the blog from time to time if you want to see what is going on at Quest!


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