Biodiversity of BC

I am currently in my second last Foundation course called Biodiversity of BC.

It is one I haven’t really been looking forward to, because I know very little about biology or excel, which are two huge components of the course.

I have also found it to be quite homework intensive, especially at the beginning.

However, a large component and selling-factor of Quest is the diversity of classes — so Biodiversity of BC it is.

With that in mind, I have attempted to make the most out of this month — and so far it has been incredible.

On Wednesday we took a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and saw a bunch of really cool creatures, from jellyfish to jumping dolphins to parrots and sloths eating tofu (an odd thing to witness).

IMG_5134 IMG_5136 IMG_5139IMG_5149IMG_5152 IMG_5154 IMG_5161IMG_5168

At one point our class became so absorbed in watching trees, we forgot to watch for cars.




Each science course I have taken here has taught me more about the subjective nature of science. While it seeks to find objective truths, the manner in which these “truths” are sought is subjective. In the first day of class, we discussed the term “species” and how there are numerous definitions and even then each species has fuzzy boundaries of -where is the cut-off?

I was nervous coming to Quest that I would have to take math and science courses that I would not enjoy or do well in. I have yet to regret a single course I have taken and after this month will have finished all of my math and science requirements. In fact, the class that I learnt the most (about myself) in was my math class.

While I am not planning on going into either math or science in the future and am looking to continue my Concentration classes focused on the Social Sciences, the experience I’ve had with math and sciences has been invaluable and I’ve obtained such a wealth of knowledge in these areas that I never would have had the opportunity to dip my feet into.

Not to mention, they also mean my homework includes collecting plants, I can spend my class time walking around in the forest, and field trips to the aquarium are not uncommon.

Win, win.

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