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Hi every one. Yesterday I hiked the Four Lakes Trail with Daniel, Vic, Krystle and her partner Scott. Even though, it was pouring rain, our conversations and jokes made the hike so much more fun.
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Krystle, according to the Quest University website, was born and raised in British Columbia. She has spent her life exploring mountains by means of snowboarding, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Krystle loves her job at Quest, because she has the opportunity to help connect students with the community through outdoor recreation, local events, and volunteerism. I always get very excited when I see sign-up sheets about hiking, because the beauty of mountains around us and the smell of fresh air, always mesmerize me.

Photo taken from Quest University Website.

The Four Lakes Trail is located in Alice Lake Provincial Park, which is surrounded by mountains, dense forests, and many grassy areas. There are four lakes that dominate the landscape, that make swimming and fishing very enjoyable past times. According to Krystle, during the months of summer these lakes are full of people swimming because it is a favorite family park.
The Four Lakes Trail is a 6 km in length and takes a circuitous route past all four lakes. The trail took us through Douglas fir, western red cedar and other coniferous trees. According to the Ministry of Environment website, some birds that can be seen in this trail are warblers, Steller’s jay, chickadees, and robins. I stopped numerous times to take pictures, because the lakes, trees, and trails were stunning.

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I used the app Nike+, which through GPS, measures how many kilometers you walk or run. It was really interesting to look at the map after the hike and see the trail we hiked. I took a snapshot of my phone’s screen so you all can see it too.

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I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. I cannot wait to explore more trails around Squamish, and write about them in the Quest blog.


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