Arts At Quest

Being a university student is sometimes difficult in ways that we would not necessarily expect. For myself and many other students at Quest, balancing our artistic activities and our academics is a dance that generally lands on the side of academics. I rarely do the art that I used to do so often, but when I do, I realize how good it is for me. Image

This last block I have been in Photography. This class is a welcome addition to the Quest offerings, as it allows students to learn about and practice the many aspects of being a photographer. Throughout this class I have taken thousands of photos, and I have seen a steady increase in my comfort and skill with my camera. This class was a great way to combine academics and arts, by having learn about the science behind photography, famous photographers and their work, and issues in photography such as ethics of conflict photography, image processing, and more.

All of the images in this blog post are photos that I have taken during this block, and that I am particularly proud of. I did take photos of people, but I don’t want to post them without their permission.

Our class took multiple field trips, both to areas in Squamish and into Vancouver, to take photos of things that were not readily available on campus. We went to Granville Island to practice street photography, which was for me the biggest personal challenge of the class. I felt that I was invading the space of strangers when I tried to take pictures of them on the street. This feeling resulted in me thinking a lot about why I felt this way, what I myself felt about being photographed in public, and whether or not how I felt was necessary. I came to the conclusion that my discomfort with photographing strangers was simply a personal hurdle, and was not based on any deep seated beliefs about privacy. I was surprised that this was  the largest challenge that came forward from this class, but happy that it was something that was so personal. ImageOverall, this course was an opportunity for me to take care of the side of myself that needs and loves to do art, while also being pushed intellectually into the issues that arise within photography. I learned how to effectively use my camera, which is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time, and I practiced my aesthetic skills.

I wanted to post this blog to show that there are some art classes at Quest, and that they are effective at teaching both the use of the camera itself, and the things that we need to think about when we have something so powerful in our hands.

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