Spring has sprung

Well spring has certainly sprung and on a night past some friends and I decided to make Vietnamese spring rolls in celebration. It was a gorgeous sunny Friday evening and friends gathered in our Riverside condo. It was quite the international representation. With just ten people, we had over seven countries represented! Now, while we are all friends, the food is what really brought us together on Friday. 😉

My roommate is from Singapore and has taught me recipes from Malaysia and my friend from El Salvador recently taught me how to cook Platanos. In the classroom, we often learn about culture in the academic sense, but outside the classroom we teach each other about some of the nuances and treasures of our own cultures. That’s one thing I love about Quest—everyone’s genuine excitement and curiosity to share these important parts of our diverse lives. March and April blocks here at Quest are among the best. The sun is out most days and everyone is full of energy, trying to make some last memories for the year. While making spring rolls isn’t most grandiose affair, it provided a moment of reflection to appreciate the diversity that exists in my community.


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