Quest University Blood Drive

Lets talk about blood. Conceptually blood is a cool thing right. I mean, each individual drop accounts for maintaining a healthy flow throughout your body. Although blood is so crucial for the human body, we can’t produce it in large quality to save ourself.  So if humans can’t survive without the use of blood, how can we acquire that resource? DONORS!! The Canadian Blood Services work with thousands of individuals across Canada that wish to donate blood. I believe that donors are heroes because each blood donation can help save or improve the lives of up to three people. What shocked me the most is that it takes about 50 donors to collect enough blood for the victim of a car accident and 100 donors to collect enough blood for a liver transport. Every minute of the day, in communities across Canada, someone needs blood and BC does not have enough donors giving blood to meet local hospital needs. These facts are shocking but a reality check. With this knowledge, I contacted North Vancouver Canadian Blood Services and arranged a Quest University Blood Drive. I’m really passionate about this because I know that as a University we will save the lives of so many! This blood drive will be happening on April 16th and April 26th so look out for posters!!!


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