Excitement to learn at Quest

I had an essay due this past Friday at 10 p.m. After having taken six classes at Quest so far, I am used to writing essays in a short period. However, this instance brought to light the reason I came to Quest.

It was rare that an assignment would be due in the evening, especially on a Friday night. They were usually due in the morning before class. But this was the case, and so at 7 p.m. I found myself in the academic building working away. The only sounds I heard were the clicking of the keys on my laptop. Sometimes I was sidetracked at something happening outside of the room in the inner courtyard of the academic building. The sun had just set, leaving the sky a deep shade of pink. It had been one of the most beautiful days I have experienced at Quest; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun warmed up the crisp air.


As I was working alone in a breakout room, members of my class who had questions, wanted to discuss an idea, or were checking in to see my progress periodically interrupted me. Some people may find this frustrating, but it brought something to light. Until now, I had always compared Quest with my previous experience at the college I previous attended. This experience made me realize the benefits of being in such as small, tight-knit community. At Langara, I would attend class and then go home and study by myself. There was no one that I could further discuss topics because most (*note: most, not all) of my classmates were uninterested. They just wanted the credit. It became a very individualistic style of learning. Now at Quest I am surrounded by peers who are genuinely excited about what they are learning. Everyone is willing to continue discussions after class, constantly exposing me to various points of view and gaining knowledge. Some of the most enlightening discussions have stemmed from conversations outside of class with friends and peers.

Learning does not stop when you exit the classroom. It is an opportunity that envelops you, but requires a willingness to acquire it. Quest is a school for people who want to learn and discuss what they are learning, to build connections between what they already know and use their knowledge to solve real-world problems. It is not a place for those who want an easy ride. It is one for those who want to open their minds to better themselves and the world.

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