Stage Lights

This Friday I had the pleasure to join about 15 other students on a trip down to Vancouver to see Studio 58’s production of Innocence Lost, an intensely gripping play about Stephen Truscott and the murder that shocked Canada. If you’ve read some of my posts here before, you know that I’ve signed up for a quite a few of the shuttle’s that Quest offers to these plays, and the plays have never failed to amaze me. Whether it’s a comical metaphysical original pieces, a fun musical like Grease, or an intense expose of a flawed justice system and its consequences, I have consistently been impressed. I love how Quest offers students these opportunities.

I also love how flexible these events are. When we were driving down someone mentioned they had heard of a cool new art exhibit in Vancouver called Unnumbered Sparks, designed by Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin. She asked if we all wanted to check it out after the play, and as a group we decided on a whim to go, even though it would make us a little later getting back to campus. It was definitely worth it.

The cool thing about Unnumbered Sparks is that observers get to participate in the art in real time. Free to behold, the piece is essentially a giant net suspended between two builds, twisted to make a specific design. Lights and colours run across the fabrics surface creating vivid designs in the air right above you. The designs created, however, are entirely up to the people observing from below. You ccan connect with your smartphone to a local wifi specific to the sculpture, and then go online and draw and splash colour all over the exhibit. Everyone is assigned a colour to more clearly see their own contributions, and it was so wonderful watching people’s faces and the sculpture light up. It was so cool and empowering to have the power in your palm to alter the physical landscape of the city, and to do so with other people in an organic and collaborative way. If you want to learn more about the sculpture, go to .

After a good play and a good display, it was time to hit the hay. It was a quiet ride back to campus, many people falling asleep on each other’s shoulders along the way. The bus pulled up to the residences, we got off and went to our rooms. I slept soundly that night, and dreamt my dreams full of light, both from the stage before me and from the sky above me.

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