How to start a student radio without really trying….

Alright, so, that title isn’t entirely truthful…

I actually tried really really hard and did a lot of work over the past 5 months. These past several months I have been working on starting a campus student radio station. A way to not only share music, information, but to act as a multi-media hub for all things Quest and Quest related. I’ve had a few students helping a long the way but I can’t count the number of times that I’ve had meetings with the school’s President, Dean of Students, Student Affairs, and even the IT Department working on this project and trying to get it off the ground.

The main students I worked with have been Maggie McPhee and Evan Cross. We’ve had tons of meetings and have worked a lot on this project. Often long and intense meetings where had but we always managed to have fun and enjoy the process.


Even long-distance dates meetings.

It has been an incredible process and we’ve had a ton of support throughout the entire experience by not only the school administration but from students.  We created the radio, we designed the website. This project has entirely been lead by students and is an incredible example of just one of the brilliant projects so many Quest students are working on. We have almost 25 students making shows. We have everything from Indie rock to East Asian influenced music. We have country and electronic house music. We even have some pretty cool talk shows.

We launched on March 3rd and I’ve been crazy busy ever since! There isn’t a day or hour that goes by that an idea doesn’t cross my mind or an issue, soon followed by a solution, with the website or working on marketing.

1836601_1464073683807747_2049893507_o  The we decided to call the station “Quest Coast Sound” it took us a while to pick this name but as soon as we had it we knew it was the one. When we launched we didn’t really have an expectations, we didn’t expect as many people to tune in as they did. The average show gets anywhere from 20 to 50 listens. This is something we didn’t imagine at the beginning but are now pushing for. Throughout this process we realized we had something very unique to offer not only the Quest community but to the Squamish community as well. We realized that we can help to connect these two communities together even more. Soon after we launched the Squamish newspaper, “The Chief”, contacted us and asked us for an interview. Of course as soon as be lifted our jaws back off the ground we said “Yes!”

So, we sat done for the interview and this past Thursday an article about our project and our goals was published in the Squamish paper.


We never expected the Squamish community to pick up, find, or jump on board with our little project so fast. I’ve been stopped in the streets of Squamish and am continually asked by many Squamish locals about the radio, what it is, and where to check it out.

We where ecstatic and every day we have more and more people talking to us about it, inquiring about it, and asking how they can get involved. We have big plans for the radio and we hope it continues to grow and become a central part of our community.

Oh, and did I mention that the article also happened to have front page coverage in the newspaper?


If you’re interested in checking out the radio and seeing what it’s all about and what we are up to check out our site at…

Be sure to also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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