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In general I like to blog about my classes at Quest because they are usually consuming most of my time and interest here. This month I have the opportunity to write more in depth about an experience I recently had in the class I’m in. In Sports Psychology we had the opportunity to do research first hand over the course of last week. Doing research in classes is academically invaluable and this was a particularly special case because of who we did the research on.

This year our campus has been host to a private high school called Coast Mountain Academy (CMA). Despite some initial concerns over space on campus, CMA has managed to fit seamlessly into the school without interacting much with the student body. We had the opportunity to change this lack of interaction in our class. Our teacher Cynthia set us up with Coast Mountain’s teachers to facilitate research using their students as test subjects. Part of this agreement was also to teach the students in small groups about the research we did after it was complete, and to write them a report of our findings.

As a class, we were interested in seeing the effects of exercise on cognition. Previous research has shown that even moderate aerobic exercise can have an effect on cognitive processes. To that end we used a variety of cognitive tasks to measure things such as memory and inhibition before and after exercise.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I hope to get the opportunity to work with CMA in the future. The kids at CMA were keen to learn and the teachers were very supportive.

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