A Call For Geologists

If I was unsure about my choice of academic discipline before, it was for sure cemented in my mind after February block.  Geology is my passion and being able to go to Hawaii to live my passion was probably the most enriching experience of my life.  Beach camping all over Big Island, hiking and helicoptering all over Volcano’s National Park, and watching the sunset on Mauna Kea were just a small portion of the highlights of a trip that cost me airfare and snacks. If geology means that I can do homework staring at the beach and being rewarded with a dip after completion I’m not going anywhere.

Geology is a field forgotten at Quest and I wish that wasn’t so. I’ve been on 25 or more fieldtrips in my time here and about 75% of them were in a geology-based course. It’s hard to argue that the Geology students don’t have the best trips (rivaled only by the marine biologists). From studying the local outcrops and geologic sites, spending time performing experiments at Quest and UBC, to flying to Hawaii to study Volcanology this school should be a geology students heaven! But it isn’t… Courses that would normally be fought over at institutions such as Colorado College are left with the possibility of cancelation at Quest. Hopefully the class of 2018 will bring in some future geologists that want to experience adventure!

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