Quest Got Talent!

Quest has talent! Through the variety of events held on campus it is obvious we have a special group of talented students! Open mic, happens most months where students come and perform all sorts of short pieces, from poetry, to stand up comedy, and of course music. There are many other events on campus that showcase students talents, and people are always coming up with new ideas! This past Friday a group of students planed the first ever Quest Got Talent Show! It was set up similar to a TV show; there were two hosts, that introduced each act with some sort of funny comment, then we had three judges who commented on each piece, and finally we had the incredible performers who brought the night together.

Talia, Janali, and Maegan throwing down a rap song!
Talia, Janali, and Maegan throwing down a rap song!
Violin Duet
Holly and Maya: Violin Duet
Tai CHi
Tai Chi
Crazy accordion act
Tristan: Crazy accordion act
Melodica Free Styling
Lief: Melodica Free Styling

Above are just a few of the acts performed on Friday. As you can see we had a diverse group playing many different instruments and doing a variety of things. The Tai Chi performance was hilarious, they invited people from the audience to come up and do a Tai Chi performance with them . Watching the people try and follow along was a riot. We also had an act of human bowling. It’s exciting to see people step out of the comfort zone and get up on stage, and share their talents with the community. I’m excited to continue seeing people perform and see what the incoming class next year will bring!

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