Block Break Adventures

Every time the block break starts I get a bit more homesick, seeing my friends go home and post pictures on Facebook reminds me how important and essential my family is to me. However, having great friends at Quest with whom we always have lots of fun, and Quest organizing numerous adventures every day of the break makes the block break ten times more fun.
On Wednesday evening, my roommates were getting ready to leave the campus. We all cleaned the dorm together, and then I helped them pack. It is heartwarming when we all laugh, share stories from the block, and talk about the future. I have been blessed to have such important people in my life, and to able to share my Quest experience with them.
The next morning Martina, Ira, and I went to the Brennan Park in Squamish. Brennan Park, according to their website, is the largest Community Centre facility in Squamish, housing an arena, aquatic centre, tennis courts, soccer fields, and more. The swimming pools, Jacuzzi, and steam room were amazing. Even though the 4.5 km walk from Quest to the swimming pool took us awhile, the beautiful mountains, clear sky, and fresh air made the walk feel much shorter. I am very surprised how I had never gone to this recreational park before.

swimming pool
photo 1-2

Later on in the evening, I went to Sushi Sen with Gina ad Daniel. Sushi Sen is an authentic Japanese restaurant, which serves a wide variety of fresh local fish and other high quality ingredients from Japan. I remember the first time I went to this restaurant; I stared at the menu for about 15 minutes trying to decide what to order. I had no idea what any of those dishes listed in the menu tasted like. Now every time I go to Sushi Sen, I feel like a pro when it comes to Sushi, and best of all I can pronounce most of the dishes.
If you would like to read a blog I wrote about five months ago about Sushi Sen, please click on this link

Friday was a great day too. I spent most of it outside, reading some of my favorite books. In addition, it was really nice and sunny outside. In the evening, some of my friends came to my dorm and we watched a few episodes of our favorite show. It was a great way to end a Friday night.

On Saturday, the real fun began; well not quite, especially in the morning. Daniel, Martina, Ira, and I were planning to go to Vancouver for a day just so could explore the city for a bit. We decided to take the 10:00 am bus to the city; however, when we went there at 10 am there were no more seats left. Our excitement faded within a few seconds. Sad and disappointed we left the bus station and decided to go eat brunch in a restaurant nearby. Luckily, while we were eating a lovely second year student posted on the Quest Facebook group that she was going to go to Vancouver and if someone needed a ride she would be more than happy to help. I started to type as fast as I could, and Laura replied within a few minutes. Yay, we were still going to Vancouver. Even though we made it to the city about four hours later than we had planned to we still had a blast. We went to the bookstore, anime store (even though I do not know anything about anime), and lastly we dined in a fancy Italian restaurant. What an amazing day!

On Sunday, I woke up early and went to the fitness room. Quest has two fitness rooms, which are open every day until 10 pm (until 7 pm during block break). You will be able to see in the picture what an amazing view I had from the spin bike.

photo 3-1

photo 4-1

photo 5-1


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I had an amazing block break, and now I am very excited to begin the new block.


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