Right to Play RedBall Departs Quest!

The Red Ball – a new initiative created by Right To Play’s university and college clubs. Starting in September and ending in May 2014, one Right To Play red ball will be making friends and changing lives as it travels … Continued

Arts At Quest

Being a university student is sometimes difficult in ways that we would not necessarily expect. For myself and many other students at Quest, balancing our artistic activities and our academics is a dance that generally lands on the side of … Continued

the magical qualities of mac and cheese (or kraft dinner, as you canadians like to call it)

I used to think that mac and cheese would never regain its nostalgic glory; that my idealized memories of perfect childhood dinners would always make the present version pale in comparison. That was before I came to Quest and discovered … Continued

Do things that make you uncomfortable ( because they will change your life).

From the age of 4 (when I realized that I had to have a job as an adult) and 16, I wanted to make art for a living. There was a brief desire to teach but it went away as … Continued

Rugby Tackles!

Today the Quest boys rugby team played their first game against a local team from Squamish! After their first game, several girls joined for a co-ed skirmish. The Tackle! Watching people get tackled was a great study break. Who is … Continued