Snow days and babysitting on campus

For the most part, this winter has been a notably dry and mild one here in Squamish. As such, I was pretty excited when I woke up to about half a foot of snow Saturday morning! I had a babysitting job scheduled that afternoon with an adorable three and a half year old boy, whom I frequently look after, so I was very excited to embrace my inner child and play in the snow with him. This boy I babysit is the son of the one of the faculty members here at Quest, so he is quite familiar with campus. In fact, he is so familiar with it, that he brought two sleds (one for me, he told me, and one for him) and had an entire plan of which hills we ought to sled down. After we tested out all the hills, we made a giant snowman (see right in photo below) to go along with the one that someone had made earlier in the day (left). After nearly two hours of running around in the snow, we headed inside and warmed up with some hot cocoa. It was certainly a fun afternoon babysitting job!


(featured image credit: Anna Gerke)

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