Snow Days

Waking up to white flurries falling from the sky on Saturday was the best!

Watching the news for the past few weeks they kept saying we would get snow. Our weather has been crazy, all variations of rain or snow have been falling… snow, rain, slush, hail, mist, even meatballs. Yet, on Saturday morning the weather man/woman was correct! Snow covered the ground!

View from my room.
View from my room.


It continued to snow for most of the day, and snowmen were built around campus!

Janali, Taylor, Ian, and Maegan's snowman. Photo Credit to Maegan
Janali, Taylor, Ian, and Maegan’s snowman. Photo Credit to Maegan
Elise and Deryn's snowman.
Elise and Deryn’s snowman.
Green scarf to represent Quest!
Green scarf to represent Quest!

Although its the last weekend before our block ends, many students made sure to make the time to get outside. Walking though the woods, having snowball fights, and making snow angels. I spend the first part of my day sitting at the window, sipping tea and finishing an essay. But then made sure to get outside. Snow doesn’t stick around that long where I am from, so being skeptical that it wouldn’t stay long I had to get out. Surely I was wrong and woke on Sunday to it snowing again, covering the footprints with fresh powder.

IMG_0428 IMG_0425

As the snow continues to fall I would guess we have approximately 4 inches of snow that is still growing. Today I need to finish another essay, but will again, try and get outside and enjoy the beautiful snow.

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