Rhetoric, Raw Food & Riding

Last week, while I learned the art of making a persuasive argument in my Rhetoric class, I also got the chance to go to a raw food dinner and try out a spin class. It’s these small things students and the school organize outside of class that make Quest so much more fun. Even though every night I either had an essay to write, a shorter writing assignment, a text to read, and most days likely a combination of these, I have forced myself to take breaks and try out new things. And the benefit is that when I do go back to work I’ve found that I am also more productive. Rhetoric has been extremely beneficial too, as it has been my first exposure to having to read, research and then write something under short time constraints.

Every class this year in Cornerstone (the first block first years take) was invited to go to Melanie’s (the dean of students) place for a raw food dinner. I unfortunately could not attend mine in September because it was rescheduled to the weekend, so I was especially happy to be able to go to another one that was organized and open to all students. Only about fourteen people attended, but it ended up being perfect as we paired up and were able to make all seven recipes Melanie had picked out. Cafeteria food is great, but I thoroughly enjoyed a break from it, because every dish we made was delicious, especially the dessert – chocolate truffles and raspberry bavarois. It’s strange to think that in my entire life I’ve probably never actually had a completely raw dinner but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how good “energy soup” and “beet ravioli” could taste, and am definitely going to make some of the recipes we tried out again sometime soon.

The second new thing I tried was a spin class. Quest recently purchased six new spin bikes and they are pretty snazzy. A student organized this and when the sign-up sheet was first posted, it filled up for the month of February, with classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, literally within just an hour. So, I put myself on the waitlist for a class, and was lucky enough that someone dropped out and I got to go. I’ve ridden on a stationary bike before and tried many different types of exercise, but I was surprised at how much you sweat in a one-hour spin class.


This past week in particular has reinforced for me the need to balance off the original three R’s with some of the great extra-curricular activities available at Quest.

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