Bring on the Cold and Ice!

Last weekend, Squamish experienced some colder than usual weather. I love it when it gets cold here for a couple of reasons:

1) It’s a great opportunity to break out your extra warm and comfy sweaters

2) You can go iceskating on the mini-rinks on top of the chief

kaya amar

3) It’s not raining

4) All the waterfalls freeze (my personal favorite)

Frozen waterfall from a distance

Last weekend I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my favorite waterfalls in the area to see what they looked like frozen. My roommate and I woke up early to crisp, beautiful, blue sky morning, put on a plethora of warm clothes, loaded up my kayaks, and headed down to the river. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the scope of the cold temperatures. Upon pushing into the river, we quickly discovered that there was a 2 cm layer of ice between us and the free-flowing center of the river.



At first I didn’t think this would be a problem because the ice closer to shore broke easily. However, as I progressed a few feet further it became much more difficult.  I tried a few different methods of breaking the ice, from chipping away at it with my paddle to mimicking the icebreaker ships by ramming the ice with the front of my kayak.

Me incorporating Arctic ice-breaker tactics into my kayaking

Needless to say, none of these methods were particular successful. After making it about 20 feet in 20 minutes we realized that making it to the waterfalls was just not going to happen that day. Although our initial mission was a failure, we still enjoyed lots of laugh, breaking ice, and appreciating natural art.


Bubbles in the ice
Ice distortion
Bubble in a bubble

Thanks to my roommate, Olivia, for going along with my crazy adventure and laughing with me the whole time. Also, big shout out to my personal photographer, Martin, for his artistic eye and all of his patience.

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