The 2014 Olympic athletes finally come home!

With the help of several students, I made a sweet and funny video message to friends and classmates Roz Groenewoud and Keltie Hansen who were both competing in ski halfpipe at the 2014 Sochi Olympics this morning. This is the first time ski halfpipe has ever been in the Olympics!

We sent the video to the girls a day and a half before their competition and thankfully they saw it in time!

Roz G facebook

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Watching together

The qualifications were at 6:30am and I organized to walk up with a couple of girls from my floor in the wee morn to watch it in the cafeteria. There were 50-100 students up there by 7am-ish. It was great to see everyone up there!

Shayna and Emily in their #teamcanada gear at 6:30am.
Shayna and Emily in their #teamcanada gear at 6:30am.
Ammar and Andrew taking a selfi in the crowded caf early this morning
Ammar and Andrew taking a selfie in the crowded caf early this morning
Adrienne and Carment (Admissions counsellor for Canada!) cheering for their good friend Roz
Adrienne and Carmen (Admissions counsellor for Canada!) cheering for their good friend Roz

By finals, there were several hundred people packed in the cafeteria. See a quick clip here


The results

The girls had 2 runs/chances to qualify for finals. In qualifications, Roz hit an 82.00 and a 78.40, sending her to finals in 6th place out of 12 places. Keltie had a fall in her first run (8.60) and hit a 66.20 in her second run, winding up in 13th and just missing finals. Later, Anais Caradeux of France removed herself from the finals due to a head injury she sustained in her 2nd run of qualifications. For a moment we thought Keltie might squeeze into the finals, but unfortunately she was not offered the second chance.

In the finals, Roz fell on her first run, and still managed to smile her way through it, leaving room for hope in the 2nd run. In her second run she ended up with a 74.20, which was not enough to beat the 1st place score of 89.00, and not enough to win a podium spot (83.20). Regardless, Roz and Keltie brought us all together as a community to cheer on part of our little university on top of the hill. We are all so proud of them, and were stoked to see them on the big stage and screen!

We’re happy to have our girls back now after training so hard for so long!!

Roz and Keltie are part of Quest’s Elite Athlete Program. The Program allows athletes the flexibility to pursue both the their athletic and academic careers. Learn more at

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