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Lately, as you have probably realized just by reading my blog posts, I have written many blogs about doing something for the first time such as going to Sushi Sen or Hiking the Chief. Well today, I am writing another for the first time blog, and this time it is about having lunch in the restaurant Essence of India, with my friend Martina.
Martina and I met in the airport, the very first day I came to Canada. Since the first days of orientation at Quest were only the international students, Martina and I got very close with each other. It is great how there are so many international students at Quest (from more than 40 countries) because I get to know the story of their countries or lives, through a different perspective which is much from different from what you see on TV. Since Martina is from Italy, I have learned so much more about the culture, traditions, and cities of Italy.
essence of india
Essence of India is a restaurant located in Garibaldi Highlands, which is just down the hill from Quest University Canada. According to the restaurant’s website, Essence of India offers traditional Indian delights, which are prepared in authentic style in a casual setting. All the items are served mild unless you request to be spicier.
Martina and I shared a vegetable samosa, which is an appetizer. I decided to order the Vindaloo Dish with chicken, which included potatoes, peppers, onions, coconut milk and vinegar. Whereas, Martina ordered a curried dish with lamb. They were both very delicious.


The history of Essence of India began when Chef Don, arrived to Canada from Indian state of Punjab in the mid-1970’s. Chef Don has completed culinary apprenticeship in the areas of Greek, Italian, French, and of course Indian cuisine. Chef Don has gone back to India multiple times, to increase his repertoire to both include and reflect a mastery of Indian cuisine.
I was very surprised when Chef Don, came to our table and asked us whether we liked the food, and if we had any suggestions. I told the Chef that it was my first time ever trying the Indian cuisine; he was pleased that I chose his restaurant.


Essence of India had amazing food, great workers, and on top of all it offers 10% for Quest Students. It does not get any better!


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