Studio 58 Musical: Grease



Hi every one,
Last week as I was walking to class I saw a poster about a musical called Grease, at Llangara College in Vancouver. I remembered the last time we went there a few months ago, and how much fun we had. I immediately messaged my friends, and later we signed up. Quest provided us free tickets for the musical, and even a ride there and back.  I am extremely happy that we went because it was awesome!


Now if you are wondering, Studio 58 is the professional theatre training program at Llangara College. It is the only conservatory-style theatre training program in Western Canada and offers training for actors and production personnel. Studio 58 has a three-year program for acting. Last night if I did not know that the actors/singers were college students, I would have never guessed. According to me, they were very energetic, funny, captivating, and showed confidence.
The musical we watched was called Grease, which is based on Warren Casey’s and Jim Jacob’s 1971 musical about two lovers in a 1950s high school. The musical Grease has also been turned into a musical film, in 1978 starring famous actors such as John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and many more.


The musical at Studio 58 is going to be shown from January 30th until February 23rd. It was directed by Peter Jorgensen, and choreographed by Kayla Dunbar. According to the Studio 58 website, many people have shown interest on seeing this musical, which explains why the musical is sold out every day until next week.


*In the photo from left to right: Barbara and Hayley

I am very happy that I went to watch the musical Grease, with my friends from Quest. Thank you to Quest University for providing the tickets for us, it was an incredible experience.


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