The Wrestling World Games

One of the national sports of India is wrestling. When I’m talking about wrestling I’m referring to Greco roman style here and not freestyle.  Wrestling has been a sport that my dad taught my brother and I, and now travels to India to coach the children of a local school in my dad’s home town. Now it may seem rather odd that my dad of all people is coaching children thousands of miles away from home, but my dad was actually a national wrestling champ of India in 1993 and then represented India in the World games. Just today I had the chance with wrestling with some of the young ladies that are off to represent India in the world games. And by young I mean they’re only 12-15 years of age. It was such a good experience but also it sucked because I had my butt kicked so bad. Im so happy that I had the chance to meet these young ladies as they embark on a life changing journey!

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