Sunny Days

For the past few weeks the weather in Squamish has been far from regular January weather. The past two weeks have been sunny and warm, not a single drop of rain. Instead of going to Whistler to go skiing I have been going running on warm sunny trails in shorts! Even though it is January, people are out mountain biking every day and playing soccer in the sun. I was surprised to see people biking because I never think of it as an option during January which is usually cold and snowy, where I am from.

January in Squamish
January in Squamish

Since the weather has been so nice I have been out running in the morning every day before class. It is a great way to get my energy going and start off the day on a positive note. Being outside in the morning I get to enjoy the gorgeous sunrises Squamish seems to have every morning. The sky is light blue and contrasts beautifully with the white peaked mountains and clouds glowing pink and orange.


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