I came to Quest almost six months ago, and never has a week passed without someone asking me whether I have hiked The Chief yet. All the time I hear students at Quest mentioning The Chief, and for a while, I did not even know where it was located. I finally today after all these months hiked The Chief, and I feel super proud of myself.

According to internet articles The Chief, is a granite dome located adjacent to the town of Squamish. It is 700m above sea level. The Chief is known as the “second largest granite monolith in the world.” Squamish considers the Chief as a place of spiritual significance.
After eating dinner with my host family a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to them how I have always wanted to hike the Chief. Since they love outdor sports, they immediately were willing to give me a ride there and then hike it together. They also told me that I could invite a friend, so my roommate Katie came with us. Today Nina, my host sister, joined us too and it was really nice talking to her and getting to know her better.
Before the hike, I had no idea what to expect. After starting the hike and walking up some stairs I immediately asked “When are the stairs going to stop?” and everyone around me started laughing. Little did I know that the hike to the top of the Chief consisted of mostly stairs.


It was sunny and warm most of the time which is very unusual for me because January in Kosovo (where I am from) is almost always dark and cold. And the best part of the hike was the view from the top of the mountain; it was worth the tiring hike. This was a great experience, and I cannot wait until I hike the Chief again.

And if you are wondering what the Squamish Host Family program is, please follow this link. It is a blog post I wrote about three months ago, where I talk in depth about the program and how much I love my host family.


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