Birthdays at Quest

Birthdays fall on every day of the year, regardless of the present circumstances people find themselves in.

Classes at Quest can be stressful (and by “can be” I definitely mean I have yet to have a class at Quest that was not stressful at some point during it).

Yet, birthdays still exist and can in fact provide a brief relief from the chaos of a block plan.

One of my best friends turned 21 in the middle of January block while in an Anatomy concentration class.

Instead of letting her upcoming test bring her mood down, she invited her loved ones over for a potluck and paint party!

IMG_4042 IMG_4043 IMG_4044  IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4048 IMG_4049 IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4052 IMG_4053 IMG_4054 IMG_4055 IMG_4056 IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4060

The good thing about potlucks is that lots of people like making desserts.

(see avocado cake, banana bread, and chocolate cake)


While afterwards we all had to go back to our busy schedule, we still have time to celebrate the big (and little) things at Quest.

And the speeches/toasts we gave during the dinner (and before dessert) really showed me once again how lucky I am to be in place with so many amazing loving beautiful people.

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