Quest Snapshots

My roommates and I decided to buy a bunch of disposable cameras and take pictures of all the happy things we do. We stick the whole collection to our living room wall so that we’re reminded of the beautiful moments we have and the wonderful people we surround ourselves with. Since they give a pretty good view of Quest, I’ll share a selection from the hundreds with you!

020_20 (4)
Enjoying the fall sunshine.
018_18 (3)
Red fall leaves along the road.
016_16 (3)
View of the Chief from Squamish.
007_7 (2)
Beautiful view from the library.
004_4 (2)
View from one of the classrooms.
002_2 (2)
View from the caf.
014_14 (2)
Doing homework in a breakout room.
Friends at the caf.
Playing guitar on the couch.
Dance party.
Exploring by the river.
Hanging out with friends.

One thing about Quest is the beauty never wears off. We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live here and the moments posted on our wall are like little snapshots of the memories we’ve made so far.

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