Feeling Safe at Quest

It was a cold December night; the kind of night you wish you were snuggled under a warm blanket drinking a hot chocolate milk. Instead, at 3:30 am I was still in the Academic building working super hard on my project. And do not get me wrong, I love working hard and feeling proud of myself when the tutor is happy with the work I have put on the assignment.
After many hours of hard work and a lot of critical thinking, it was about time for me to go to bed. Only then I started to think how late it was (or early, it could go either way), and how I had to walk alone all the way to the North Village. A five-minute walk, but that night it felt like I was going to go on a 5k hike. It took me a bit to remember of the amazing and very friendly security employee I had met whom told me that they give rides to students, when the students do not feel safe walking alone. Therefore, I did call security, and made it safely to my room.

Today I decided to go meet Gerry, and talk with him more about security at Quest. Gerry works for a Canadian security company, called Paladin Security. Paladin security has been working for Quest since its building phase, before it opened to students. Gerry joined Paladin security, two months after Quest started operating. According to Gerry, what he loves the most about his job is getting to know the students. Since there are students from the entire world at Quest, he loves hearing about students’ life stories, cultures, and traditions. He is fascinated by students’ willingness to stay up all night when it comes to completing their assignments.


*Gerry and I, during our conversation today.

Gerry lived in Squamish, BC from 1950-1956, when at that time you had to travel by boat from Vancouver to Squamish. In 1956 he moved to the Interior of British Columbia, only to go back to Squamish in 1970. Gerry raised his children here, and is very happy about it. The reason why Gerry loves Squamish so much is its weather, location (45 minutes away from Vancouver), and the view. According to Gerry there are so many trails around us, you could hike every day for three months, and not walk in the same trail twice.

Security at Quest has many duties, one of them is what I wrote earlier, which is to give students safe walks or rides back to their dorms when it is late at night or if the student does not feel safe walking alone. The security personnel also has keys to every room, so if students need to use the Art’s Bay, grand piano, or get into the gym when it is closed they can phone the security. According to Gerry, the security also drives around campus many times throughout the day and night just to make sure that there are no problems. Overall, in my opinion the Security personnel is doing a fabulous job; I feel very safe here.

Gerry during our conversation, which was filled with laughter, showed me some of the picutres he has taken throughout the years he has worked for Paladin security at Quest. My first question was “how expensive is your camera?’ and Gerry started laughing and replied that it is just a small digital camera. I could have never guessed, because his pictures looked so pretty, so professional, and so clear. I guess the beautiful view of the mountains around us is shown in every picture, no matter how expensive the camera is.
Below are some pictures that Gerry showed to me during our conversation.



It was really good getting to know Gerry even better today, and learning more about how hard the Security at Quest works for the safety of everyone here.
Oh and if you are still wondering how I did in the assignment from the introduction of this blog post, I did really well. It was worth the work I put into it.


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