Bye Bye Beardie.

I shaved my beard today.


This isn`t a decision I came to lightly either. After many weeks of contemplating I decided to shave it off. It`s not because I didn`t like it. It`s not because others didn`t like it. It`s not because it was uncomfortable. In fact I`d say it`s been a wonderful conversation starter, a tool to be used for the most awkward of situations and the most comedic and fun as well.

It`s just….

it`s just….. I need a change!!

I started growing my beard on September 1st, this was the morning of convocation and the symbol of my entrance into Quest. And to celebrate this glorious time in my life I decided to grow the most glorious beard I possibly could!


The original plan was to grow it out for all four years…. after only a few months with it I realized it wasn`t a task to be taken lightly. Having a beard was tough! I had to groom it in the morning, keep it trim and classy looking, and ensure that I looked like a presentable and respectful human being rather then a crazed man with a raggedy beard.

Don`t get me wrong I loved my beard. I spent a lot of time with it. It had become a trademark, it had become part of my identity. My big bushy beard, only a mere four months old was now being buzzed off and falling to the ground only to be mopped up and the stray hairs to forever be stuck to my socks. I won`t lie and say I don`t miss it. I won`t say that I don`t miss my permanent and natural scarf, I won`t say I don`t miss getting food stuck in it and not realizing until half way through a presentation.

I`ll admit that as I was standing at my sink, staring into my reflections eyes, with a razor in my hand that I second guessed myself. I stood there for 15 minutes contemplating it.

So I closed my eyes.

I counted to three

And I did it.




I buzzed and then gently shaved my face clean. What once was, was no more. I had said goodbye to my beard and with it all my months of hard work. There are some positives though, for example.. my face is now very soft, I won`t get food stuck in my beard, people won`t feel my face as much (This last one has proven not to be true), and I`ll have a nice cold breeze sensation on my face. Oh! and I did take the time to take some funny pictures of the whole shaving process.



However, all is not lost! I do plan on growing it out again but this time better. Now that I have has some experience with beard grooming and maintenance, I know how much it takes, when to shave, and how to properly do it.

I`ve had some good times with that beard and some even better memories, this beard has marked my entry into Quest and has marked my entry into adult life and manhood, but all good things must come to an end. But as this beard comes to an end another beards life will begin! And another set of wonderful memories will begin with it.

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