Then and Now 2012-2013

My computer (avec tout mes photos and blog ideas) is still not with me (je suis desolee). Instead of waiting until Future Shop finally sends me mon ordinateur I’ve decided to go through my Facebook and look through my pictures from last year.

I started Quest last September (September 2012). Each year the school grows so much (I think my year was about 160 incoming students with a graduating class of about 60). This changes the dynamic entirely as each incoming class comes in with their own ideas and passions and hopes and dreams.

I find myself frequently forgetting what last year was like, but in reflection a lot was the same. Many of the events happen every year. Friends come and friends go, but memories last forever. Right?

Maybe not, but pictures do. So, I thought I’d share some of mine from my last year with you.

I will start with the earliest picture I have of September 2012:


Transit awareness day in September 2012. We were taken around Squamish (for free) on the public bus and shown local spots -as well as given free things, like stickers. A similar thing happened this year.

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Camping trip to Elfin Lakes end of September 2012. Every year during the first block break the Adventure Club takes students on a camping trip up to Eflin Lakes and other spots around the area.

150458_10151496514309146_30510811_n   November

Block break in October 2012. Some friends and I went to Fright Night in Vancouver and then stayed and visited family (or stayed with me and my family) for the remainder of the block break. (Same as this year).


End of October 2012 -Blood Moon Ball. Last year for Halloween there was a masquerade ball hosted/organized by the facilities maintenance manager.

December  946629_10152793387965291_1271852847_n

November 2012 -the world religions class ventured up to the Bhuddist retreat center in Squamish for a tour and invited along any other students interested. (If you come to Quest -you should check out the retreat center, especially during a meal time. I have never had better hummus).


Bollywood Night -early December 2012. My friend and I hosted a Bollywood Night where we made indian food and played a Bollywood movie (that the library bought for us especially). A few of us dressed up for the occasion ^.

528385_10152319464120291_663025615_n        312336_10152432270460291_1243735486_n

December 2012 -Questival.

Every December we have Questival, which is an end of the year semi-formal celebration that occurs on the last Friday of the December school year. David Helfand (President of Quest) dresses up as Santa Claus, Melanie (the Dean of Students) reads out her quotes of the year (people seem to say the funniest things to her), the choir sings, and a bunch of other fun events happen. We eat tons of good food. This year it was tons of pies. Sometimes people go under the tables and talk to students… as the table. There are gingerbread decorating competitions (or dressing people up as a tree competitions). It’s all-in-all a fun affair.


Now I have been putting pictures up all this year for 2013, so will not do repeats, but the inspiration for this post and ones I have not yet put up are from Questival this year.

994074_10153586365260291_143250306_n 1459127_10153586367810291_1983533174_n 1461703_10153586367845291_332509906_n 1465316_10153586365310291_882204023_n 1488263_10153586365200291_725293197_n 1524647_10153586368565291_1730490532_n

December 2013 Questival.

Here are my Then and Now pictures:

312336_10152432270460291_1243735486_n     1459127_10153586367810291_1983533174_n

And yet to come in 2014:


February 2013 Carnival.

The SRC organized a carnival that included a bouncy twister board (as seen above), a human foosball table, an inflated relay race, and a magician.

I will end with the last picture I have of April 2013 before leaving Quest:


April 2013 -end of Theme Stream.

Last year I took part in a trial program called Theme Stream. This lovely group of students (19 of us) took 4 classes together under the theme of truth constructs. We looked at neuropsychology, math -problems, patterns, and proofs, fate and virtue, and global perspectives -medical anthropology through the lense of truth in those fields. In the 2 months that we did not have class together we had a monthly dinner and book club.

This year it is running again for first years and the theme is self.

The year goes by so quickly at Quest that it’s good to take the time to reflect on some of the highlights. My first year was a whirlwind of introductions, community, academics, stress, tense times, happiness, laughter, friends, fun, and frenzies.

2012 – 2013: What will come in 2014?

I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

Scratch that. I can wait. In fact, I’m sure it’ll be over before I know it.

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