This time last year, I was finalizing my Quest application. I would spend many hours searching the internet for Quest pictures and videos. The beauty of the mountains around campus, and the amazing words everyone had to say about Quest fascinated me. Even though I never came to visit Quest (which I recommend every prospective student does), since I was doing a year abroad in the U.S.A., I knew this university was the right fit for me.


What caught my attention was the block program; taking one course at a time for three hours a day, every day, for three and a half weeks sounded amazing. As the Quest website mentions, the block program allows us to focus more on our studies because we do not have other competing opportunities. In addition, the block program is very flexible when it comes to taking time off from university. There are 16- week semesters (4 block per semester), and two blocks during the summer, you can choose which months to be at Quest and which months you want to travel, work, or pursue any other hobbies you might have.


Another reason why I love Quest so much is the community. There is not a day that passes where I forget how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. After spending the summer back home in Kosovo, where all my friends live, I was very nervous to start a new life in a new country where I did not know anyone. Little did I know, that coming to Quest I would meet people that would change my life forever. I have met people from all over the world like Brazil, Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Germany and many other countries. And, from hearing about the experiences my friends have lived through, I have realized that honestly we have so much more in common than we think.


In the picture Quest ambassadors.

My friends are very passionate about the sad story of my country, including the war of 1999 where more than 10,000 people were killed and more than 800,000 people fled from Kosovo (before the war, less than 2 million people lived in Kosovo).  Seeing how interested they are to hear about my life, and about the things I have lived through tells me how amazing these people are. I know that if at 4 am I am worried about something, I can give them a call and they will be here for me.

Thank you to every person from the security employees, Quest faculty, and friends at Quest for making my experience here ten times better. I would have not loved Quest this much if it was not for you.


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