Ice Skating in Robson Square


When I was only five years old, I could spend hours in front of the TV watching  ice skaters perform fantastic routines on the rink. The way they moved on ice and the way girls’ dresses flowed in the air would  mesmerize me. Even though we did not have an ice skating rink or club in my hometown, I grew up with the idea that one day I would become a performing ice skater.  Even though that has yet to happen, my passion for ice skating never deteriorated.
During winter break, I chatted with Anne, my roommate’s mom, about how I have always loved ice-skating. She suggested I check the ice skating rink in Robson Square, which is in downtown Vancouver. I broke out with a big smile from the excitement I felt, knowing would be able to ice skate very soon.

photo 3
After a few days, I travelled to Vancouver, to spend a few days with my mom’s cousin and her family. I immediately phoned Martina, my friend from Italy who also goes to Quest, and invited her to go ice-skating with me. It took her just a few seconds to reply with a big,  “yes!” that was full of excitement. We met the following day, and headed to downtown Vancouver. Since we were both hungry, we first stopped in a small café, and had delicious crepes with Nutella and banana. Oh, they were so good! After finishing the delicious crepes, we went on our quest to find the skating rink, which was only a few minutes walking distance away from us.

photo 4

Me and Martina  (from left to right).

We got really tired after ice skating for almost four hours, but the exhaustion was worth it because we had a lot of fun. We skated while singing and laughing. Overall, it was a very lovely evening. And sharing this experience with my dear friend Martina, made it even better.
photo 1 (2)

After more than two weeks of winter break, I am now back at Quest and just started the new block today. I cannot wait for the new people I will meet, the new classes I will take, and new activities I will get to try.


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