Basketball Greens

Basketball (and soccer) games are big at Quest… or so I’ve heard.

I had never attended a basketball game in the year and a half that I’d been here.

Until tonight.


I always heard that our school spirit is unparalleled, but never accepted the fact that this meant that even people like me (who believe they are uninterested in watching other people run around and sweat in front of them) enjoy every part of the atmosphere (including the game itself -who knew?). I found myself quickly leaving my confusion aside and cheering instantaneously as our team got a basket.


Green was abound in the bleachers,


our Kermode mascot was “shaking his groove thang,”


and people were cheering, screaming, and doing the wave. 


There was even a tickle-trunk for those of us who didn’t have quite as much green as wanted.


(my roommate who talked me into going)



It’s so great to not only see my peers and beloved students attend the games, but many of my tutors, who fit right into the crowd. 


We don’t “got the basketball blues” It’s more like “basketball greens.” (= cheesy line that made me listen to Space Jam soundtrack as I wrote this = worth it).


All in all, it was a fun few hours (longer than I’d intended on staying — the thrill of the game (and the fun activity during half-time) sucked me in).


PS. both boys and girls team won! #QuestCoastBestCoast

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