Lost in Translation

Real Canadian Vermont Maple Syrup
AUC is organizing a dinner tonight for the exchange students to share food from their home countries and cultures in what I presume is an effort to help us network and learn about other regions of the world. Now, I’m the first to admit ignorance when it comes to international geography, languages, and other cultures. I can’t pronounce half of the Dutch names I’ve been introduced to and if I’ve learned anything during my first two weeks in Europe it’s that I really don’t know much beyond the stereotypical when it comes to European, or more truthfully non-North American, life. I am accordingly eager to participate in any event that promises to open my mind. I shall therfore be attending this evening’s potluck alongside my fellow Canadian Questies. I hope to learn and also to teach. We will provide some semblance of real Canadian pancakes and maple syrup to do our part to expose our fellow international students to new perspectives (or maybe stereotypical ones) on our nation and culture. We will also explain that Canada does not include Vermont, contrary to implicit syrup marketing.

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