New Admissions Counsellors and Squamish Farmer's Market

Hey there! My name is Carmen, and I am one of the new Admissions Counsellors at Quest. We are just finishing our third week on the job, and what a wonderful few weeks it has been. The office is getting a big revamp this year – with four new counsellors who are all excited to get on the road and start meeting students. Jill is joining Brittany with the US admissions, Soraya and I are jumping into the Canadian admissions realm with Spencer, and Brad will be traveling far and wide with international admissions. Unfortunately, this also means that we will be saying good-bye to Chelsey and Celeta, who are setting forth in the world this fall.

My region is Canada excluding BC, so I’m excited to meet all the prospective Canadian students starting in the fall. I will be in the Toronto region starting September 16th for three weeks, and it will be my first time to Ontario. Wish me luck!

We have been learning the ropes in the office these past few weeks, and making the transition from student to staff member. Luckily, we have an amazing community on campus, so the transition has been smooth, and I think I can speak for all the new counsellors in saying it has been so fun to start working with this new group of people.

One of the best things about the transition to staff member, is the newfound free time after work and on weekends. As a staff member, you have more chances to explore and adventure in the beautiful environment that surrounds Quest – no homework in the evening and weekends is a very exciting thing! Moreover, summer in Squamish is an incredible time of year for adventure, and I know my colleagues have been taking full advantage of the outdoors (and will be blogging about those adventures soon!). Unfortunately I have not been able to participate as I am on crutches, but I am diligently resting up for my travel season that starts on September 16th, and to hopefully get back out on the trails soon.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and farmer’s market in Squamish this weekend. The fresh local produce is simply divine, and it is so hard not to spend lots of money on the local handicrafts and goods. The markets continue into the fall, so be sure to check them out Saturday mornings on Cleveland Avenue in downtown Squamish – sometimes Quest musicians even perform!

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