Coastal Scene

Here’s your jumping off point for music in and around Squamish.

Close to home:

First and foremost, Quest will provide you with a healthy dose of melody. Open mic nights and jam sessions are standard, and there are dedicated spaces on campus to practice and record. We hold formal concerts and dance parties, so there is something for everyone floating around campus.

Within Squamish, options are limited but they do exist!

The Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company (the Brew Pub) offers live music most Saturday nights, and holds an open mic night the last Monday of each month. It is a pub, so that does mean no minors. Sorry young’uns!

The Ledge Cafe is new to town- music is not a regular feature just yet, but it is definitely on their agenda. As a coffee shop they do offer an all ages venue, so no need to wait for your 19th birthday.

The Brackendale Art Gallery (the BAG) offers live music for special events and fundraisers. The BAG is also a theatre, so I would recommend keeping an eye out for upcoming events.

Of course there is the new summer staple, the Squamish Valley Music Festival, that rolls into Squamish each August. If you decide to stick around for the summer this is a must.

Last but definitely not least, Quest has it’s very own student run Dancing Bear Music Festival which takes place right on your front lawn!


Obviously Vancouver will offer more venues then my little blogging hands care to type, so the best way to approach this is to give you the best sites to check for upcoming shows. offers an easy way to sort through upcoming shows. You can search by categories like Just Announced, or All Ages, so there is no need to get your hopes up and then find out that you’re too late or too young.

The Georgia Straight, online or in print, is the go to source for all things music. Access it through cyberspace or in the library!

Again, if you decide to summer in Squam, Vancouver has a summer festival circuit to keep you satisfied. See what’s happening this year over at bcliving.


Whistler offers more of a club scene, especially through the winter, but there are often free concerts at the Olympic Plaza and live music around large festivals. The World Ski and Snowboard Festival always has a free concert series, which often coincide with the end of the school year.


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