2013 Test of Metal Riders Rip Through Squamish Trails

With summer well on its way, the Squamish bike race season is in full swing!! This past weekend, Squamish hosted it’s annual Test of Metal XC bike race, a 67 km cross-country classic that covers 35km of single track and over 1200m of climbing through the Squamish trail network. The 1000 racers come in all different levels, with the elite riders finishing the race in just over 2 hours, and the average riders between 3-5 hours.


Riders gear up at the start line at Brennan Park, Squamish


And the race begins!


Perhaps the biggest challenge for this year’s bikers was coping with the heat, with temperatures soaring into the mid-20’s. Undoubtedly feeling the brunt of the heat by mid-day, bikers gear down in preparation for their gruelling climb up the infamous 9-Mile Hill.

The Test of Metal is just one of a series of races hosted by the Squamish bike community each year, with the Ore Crusher race in May, the Gear Jammer in July, and the JABR (Just Another Bike Race) in August.

You can check out last year’s Test of Metal Race at: http://questadmissions.com/2012/06/18/testing-our-metal/

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