Life is a cabaret!

Quest may not have hundreds of thousands of books in our library, we may not have several buildings on campus for each discipline, and we may not offer every course imaginable. But what we lack in physical manifestations of wealth and fancy resources, we make up for in innovation, creativity, and our minds. Let me stress the creativity component. It is amazing how often students surprise and astound me with their creative and artistic talent! An example of this is our annual performance of Cabaret, with this year’s theme being ‘Reflections’. There were pieces spanning from song and dance, to spoken word, and even to trapeze acts! The only rule was that the pieces had to be original and adhere somehow to the overarching theme.

An orginal song performed at Cabaret
An orginal song performed at Cabaret

In addition, we hosted an ‘Admit Event’ where students who have recently been accepted to Quest could stay with current students and partake in the weekend events. All the admitted students were interesting, engaged, and so excited to be here! One of the most important things I noticed was that the tradition of musicality, culture, and creativity will certainly be carried on by the incoming students for years to come. I feel confident that when I graduate next year, the school will be left in excellent hands! Students are truly the heart of the university and it’s beating stronger than ever.

Athena and Bella enchant with aerial acrobatics:

Aaron showcases his incredible voice:

Brad and Caleb battle with rhythm:

Annie, Simon, and Brad join musical forces:

Next on the list…Dancing Bear Music Festival! More to come in the near future.

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