April…A.K.A. The craziest block at Quest.

Students are planning experiential learning or summer jobs, the fourth years are preparing for graduation and scrambling to submit their grad school applications, and excitement about our annual ‘Dancing Bear’ music festival is in the air. We like to share this contagious excitement with admitted students who will be joining us next year. All incoming students are invited to the ‘Admit Event’ which is a weekend-long opportunity for admitted students to live with current Quest students on campus, participate in the events we host and determine what to bring for the following term when they are enrolled. Also, did I mention…IT’S SUNNY!

Speaking of events (creating traditions at a new school takes a while), our now annual Cabaret show takes place in April and consists of a myriad of student acts. The general theme, which changes every year, is ‘Reflections’, but other than this technicality, students are welcome to create an original work of art in any medium. In the past we have had songs, dances, monologues, mini plays, and pantomimes; the amount of creative talent at this school regularly blows me away. I would also like to add that our production of Vagina Monologues was a huge success! Men, women, students, faculty, and community members alike gathered for laughs, stories of hardship, growing pains, violence, and empowerment. Violence against women is an ongoing struggle, but bringing awareness and garnering support and allies is one of the most powerful things we can do! Thanks to everyone who showed their support; the proceeds were given to Howe Sound Women’s Centre.

Vagina Monologues production
Vagina Monologues production

In the midst of all of this craziness, thankfully Quest has put forth our very own student health magazine to help ground and keep students sane.  It is tailored for Quest students and offers tidbits about optimizing mental and physical well-being through exercise, healthy ways of eating when you’re on the go, and tricks to keep the panic down and the happiness up! The magazine was started by a student ‘experiential learning’ initiative and will continue to be written by students, for students. For a small school, I am amazed at how many health services we offer for students. For example, we have full-time counsellors available to chat, doctors who visit campus weekly, yoga 5 days each week, and seminars and group sessions providing useful tips on managing stress during the block plan.

I’ll keep everyone updated about the April craziness!



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