A lovely visit

As I mentioned last week, I have taken this block off for several reasons. My mom capitalized on this and decided to come visit me! What better time to visit the Pacific Northwest than springtime! Having my mom come to visit from Ontario was an excellent opportunity to be a tourist and do some site-seeing. We went up to Whistler Village to explore the snow-covered runs and followed them up with a trip to ‘Scandinave Spas’ which consist of several pools of differing temperatures to indulge in a little relaxing hydrotherapy. We hiked the Chief (the granite monolith for which Squamish is known) and of course walked around Stanley Park in Vancouver to breathe in the fresh ocean air. We took advantage of live theatre, poetry slams, and exquisite cultural cuisine downtown Vancouver as well. It reminded me of my first visit to Quest when I was entertaining the idea of moving to the other side of the country and attending this beautiful school. I originally fell in love with the mountains, the different frame of mind (that of an outdoor enthusiast entranced by nature), and the wonderfully clean air and environment. When you grow up in a city, near Toronto to be exact, you place a high value on fresh mountain and ocean air! Whether you’ve lived here 3 years or visited only once before, this place is always unforgettable and breath-taking.

A relaxing way to end the day
Scandinave Spa, Whistler: A relaxing way to end the day

When I finally get down to work next block after this nice break, I will be taking ‘Statistics’ with a brand new tutor Richard Hoshino. Students fell in love with him when he taught sample classes as a potential tutor. Students are always able to put forth their opinions about which tutors should teach and belong at Quest because we are the ones who take their classes! Richard was hired because of his passion for math and interest in applying mathematics to the real world. I know in high school I struggled with seeing how the math concepts we were learning applied to everyday life (which is why I have traditionally lacked interest in math). Richard seeks to remedy this disconnect; in fact, he is working with a student on his Keystone project to improve the efficiency and fairness of course registration using mathematical algorithms and problem solving. Normally I dislike math, but if it can be applied in real contexts to make students’ lives easier, I’m on board!

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the spring sunshine while I can!

Keep smiling,


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