The Ancient Art of Spherical Trigonometry

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If anyone can make math fun, it is a mathematician/goalie who swears they choose the direction to dive on a penalty shot by which digit of pi they are on. Even digits dive one way, odds another.

photo courtesy of the Quest website

Yes, Glen Van Brummelen is the type of professor who creates a cult-like following; both for his impressive knowledge around the history of mathematics, and for his love of sharing that passion with those who don’t feel the ‘math love’. Glen is known to start his classes by having students share their feelings towards mathematics, and encourages students to share their fears and trepidations towards the subject. His classes often have a therapeutic quality to them; those students who long since gave up on understanding complex equations often find themselves hanging back after class with lingering curiosity.

It is my great pleasure, as a former student of Glen’s, and a once sufferer of math anxiety, to share with you a new podcast from Wild About Math! Glen has been featured as the 18th mathematician in the series ‘Inspired by Math’ and he discusses his new book “Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry”.

You can listen to the podcast at Wild About Math! and if you’re really keen, the accompanying article also features a link to download the first chapter of Glen’s book.


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