One more block before Christmas!

It’s finally the end of block! As much as I enjoyed my block, as much as any student at Quest enjoyed their blocks with our brilliant tutors, consensus on campus is that we’re ready for block break! It is handy that block break fell on American Thanksgiving, so many of our students (about 30% to be exact) are heading across the border to be with their families. For myself, I decided to take it easy this block break to be well rested for my next, likely mind-blowing, block. My next block is Sex, Gender and Orientation taught by THREE tutors each bringing their own area of expertise to the course (including literature, psychology and biology).  With December block break approaching, motivation to work will decrease in a linear fashion. Can you tell I was just in a science class? Anyway, there are always interesting events taking place around campus over bock break for those not trekking home.

The Squamish Culture and Heritage Festival is taking place on campus this weekend and workshops will be offered including wood carving, herbal medicine/cedar basket weaving, and headband weaving. Check out the local newspaper for pictures:   The Squamish community also places a high value on art, theatre and musical productions. The Between Shifts Theatre will be putting on a production of Sherlock Holmes for those theatre-goers out there! Another theatre opportunity is a contemporary musical theatre cabaret entitled ‘Kiss the Air’ which is playing at the infamous Brackendale Art Gallery. In addition, the local Howe Sound Inn/ Brew Pub will be screening the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival movies about skiing and climbing. The Brew Pub is also hosting a Christmas craft fair, displaying the beautiful works of local artists. Did you know that Squamish and surrounding areas are one of the best (if not THE best) places in the world to view Bald Eagles in their natural habitat?? They are stunning and I highly recommend the trip out here to view the majestic birds amongst the mountains and glacial rivers.  I’ll also be heading down to Vancouver to check out the Christmas Market downtown where there are German hand-crafted gifts, strudel, hot apple cider, carousel rides, and schnitzel! Can’t wait!!

As I’ve said before, Quest is wonderful at organizing weekly events so students don’t develop ‘hill-top fever’ in our isolated residences. There are many opportunities to get off campus. Not only are there regular shuttles into town, but there are also amazing trips into Vancouver to see Poetry Slams, to attend talks in Vancouver, and to visit workshops at other universities.

As the weather becomes progressively drearier, it’s important to stay fit! Our student government provides funding for students to attend activities like Zumba, hip hop, Argentine tango, and yoga in addition to having many recreational games like pool tables and board games in public spaces. After a difficult class or fighting with your roommates, sometimes activities are like these are nice to defuse tension and provide solace for the mind. Other extra-curricular events to take your mind off schoolwork include language learning opportunities. At most meal times, students who speak a different language will offer their skills to help others learn a new language in a conversational, informal way. This is also a wonderful way to share cultural traditions with our international student body.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable block break and that the rain isn’t getting you down (hopefully it will turn into snow!  Peace 🙂

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