Under the Blood Moon….

 I don’t know about you but Halloween ended up, despite the torrential rains, to be a fun out of the ordinary event for me. In the past I’d be walking the streets with my kids or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. This year found me abandoned by my teen kids who, of course, didn’t want their mom around and a hubby agreeing to do candy duty (three for you, one for me ;o)) Luckily for me it meant I could attend the Blood Moon Ball planned by Roberto (former Quest student and super multi talented guy ) and the Quest Student Affairs Team.

 Roberto’s invitation stated:

The Blood Moon Ball will be a Venetian-style masquerade ball on Halloween night, an event which, without further explanation, should prove novel enough to merit the effort to attend (indeed, for the student body what is intended here is nothing more than that—a highly anticipated, epic and thoroughly memorable party); yet for those of you who may be more interested in the conceptual underpinning of this project, I thought I would share a few brief thoughts:

 The Blood Moon Ball is essentially a theatrical exploration of the myth of the Golden Calf as recounted in Exodus 32, a story whose images both terrified and enchanted me in my fundamentalist youth. Revelry, idolatry, abandon to the moment…spiced with a bit of Hermann Hesse’s Magic Theater, the soul of Victor Hugo’s Esméralda, and a recurrent motif of the dark and carnivalesque, heralded by a character that can best be described as an archetypal trickster:

 Of course my interest was piqued; I had to take part. I  just needed a mask (mask required to attend). Being the crafty person I am I decided to make my own so headed to the ArtsBay (one of my favorite Quest places) and sure enough there were a number of students with the exact same idea. The ArtsBay, funded by the SRC had of course planned for this event and graciously provided all the materials necessary for making a mask.


The Blood Moon Ball ended up being a full on, epic event. Covered & heated seating for faculty/staff with appetizers and drink service, fantastic live music by Evan Captain (Quest Alumnus) and talented Quest Students and amazing beat tracks by DJ Michael Fraser (http://michaelfraserviolin.com/   who accompanies the music he’s spinning by playing the violin – super fun to dance to!), gigantic bon fire, beer tent, photo booth, silver screen horror movies projected on the building wall and of course lots and lots of cool masks and costumes. All planned organized and run by Roberto, the student affairs team and student volunteers.

Huge Thank You to Roberto who envisioned the event and was the driving force behind it and Kudos to the rest who helped him make it a success. So glad I decided to venture out Halloween night rather than stay home to hand out candy

From the photo booth. Shauna, Kathy and I
Me, Shauna and Kathy keeping dry and warm under the tent


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